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Advantage - Residential Security Container

advantage residential security chest safe
Advantage residential security chest safe

Special Features:

Burglary and fire resistant safe. Burglary tested and approved by ECBS - Grade 1 and fire resistant LFS30P tested. 



Combines multi-layered steel plates and cast concrete to create maximum strength and hi8gh resistance. The door is reinforced to prevent drilling and breaking the locking mechanism of the safe. 



The safe comes with a combination or an electronic keypad lock, with the option of a second key lock.

Bolt Work and Locking Mechanisms:

The safe has a 4-way boltwork mechanism and integrated re-lockers. 


Interior Fitting:

Adjustable, removable shelves. 



Advantage - 1016

Outside: 13H x 19.50W x 13.50D

Inside: 10H x 16.50W x 8.50D

Weight: 229 LBS

Shelves: 1

Advantage - 1514

Outside: 18H x 17W x 16.50D

Inside: 15H x 14W x 11.50D

Weight: 310 LBS

Shelves: 1

Advantage - 2214

Outside: 25.50H x 17W x 16.50D

Inside: 22.50H x 14W x 11.50D

Weight: 368 LBS

Shelves: 1

Advantage - 3214

Outside: 35H x 17W x 16.50D

Inside: 32H x 14W x 11.50D

Weight: 506 LBS

Shelves: 2

Advantage - 3722

Outside: 41H x 25.50W x 21.75D

Inside: 38H x 22.50W x 16.75D

Weight: 759 LBS

Shelves: 2

Advantage - 4522

Outside: 48.75H x 25.50W x 21.75D

Inside: 45.75H x 22.50W x 16.75D

Weight: 937 LBS

Shelves: 2


  • Custom interior secured compartments (By request)

  • Additional shelves (By request)

  • Anchoring to the floor

Weight Tolerance - 5%          Dimensions Tolerance + or - 0.5"          Add 2" to outside depth for 3-spoke operating handle

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