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Special Features:

Two hour, 350 degree fire rating.  



Multi-layered structure that combines outer and inner steel plates electrically welded together and enclosed in a thick casting of CS-650 monolithic anti-penetration composite material. The door is reinforced with anti-penetration alloy grid, providing high protection
against concentrated attacks with mechanical and electrical tools.



Two UL approved locks. Mechanical or digital combination lock and a high security key lock.


Bolt Work and Locking Mechanisms:

Three way active bolt work with U.L. TL-30 approved rating. Superior bulit in technology is designed to repel threats and secure the safe. Bolt detent system that further secures the entire bolt work mechanism by protecting the bolts when the door is open. Glass plate protection on all locks and in all vital mechanism areas. When the door is attacked, glass will shatter, activating a double re-locking mechanism which cross locks the bolts. 


Interior Fitting:

Adjustable, removable shelves. A hole for an alarm system connection - (optional) 



Samson - 2524

Outside: 29H x 28W x 28D

Inside: 25H x 24W x 20D

Weight: 1097 LBS

Shelves: 1

Samson - 3524

Outside: 39H x 28W x 28D

Inside: 35H x 24W x 20D

Weight: 1,349 LBS

Shelves: 2 

Samson - 4524

Outside: 49H x 28W x 28D

Inside: 45H x 24W x 20D

Weight: 1,653 LBS

Shelves: 3

Samson - 5524

Outside: 59H x 28W x 28D

Inside: 55H x 24W x 20D

Weight: 2,045 LBS

Shelves: 4


Samson - 6528

Outside: 69H x 32W  28D

Inside: 65H x 28W x 20D

Weight: 2,440 LBS

Shelves: 5


Samson - 6034

Outside: 64H x 38W x 28D

Inside: 60H x 34W x 20D

Weight: 2,522 LBS

Shelves: 5

Samson - 6536

Outside: 69H x 40W x 34D

Inside: 65H x 36W x 26D

Weight: 2,976 LBS

Shelves: 5

Samson - 7236

Outside: 76H x 40W x 34D

Inside: 72H x 36W x 26D

Weight: 3,406 LBS

Shelves: 5


  • Custom interior secured compartments (By request)

  • Additional shelves (By request)

  • Anchoring to the floor

Weight Tolerance - 5%          Dimensions Tolerance + or - 0.5"          Add 3.55" to outside depth for pull handle

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