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Special Features:

The Ultravault is the first safe to receive the Underwriter's Laboratories (U.L.) label. This safe is a TL-30x6, meaning that it is resistant on all six sides of the safe. The Ultravault is extra strong and protects against concentrated attacks with mechanical, electrical tools, and even acetylene torches. Fire protected for at least one hour. The same quality construction as the highest rated safes at an affordable price. The door is made with special anti-penetration alloy grid. New dimensions allow this model to fit through narrow doorways and into tight spaces.  



Constructed of outer and inner steel plates that are electrically welded together, encompassing a thick castings of Alchronite.



This safe has two locks, a U.L. group 2 combination lock and a maximum security key lock. Locking mechanism includes special materials which protect against drilling from all directions. 


Bolt Work and Locking Mechanisms:

Three-way active bolt work, plus a double-action locking system. Bolt detent system protects the bolt work mechanism when the door is open by keeping the bolts in the retracted position. Glass plate protection on all locks and in all vital mechanism areas. When the door is attacked, glass will shatter, activating a double relocking mechanism, locking the bolts in place.


Interior Fitting:

Adjustable / removable shelves are available for setting up the safe interior to accept trays for jewelry, cash, and other valuables. Up to 50% more capacity than previous models. 


UV - 251916

Outside: 32H x 26W x 28D

Inside: 25H x 19W x 16D

Weight: 1,628 LBS

Shelves: 2 


UV - 342018

Outside: 41H x 27W x 30D

Inside: 34H x 20W x 18D

Weight: 2,185 LBS

Shelves: 3


UV - 462018

Outside: 53H x 27W x 30D

Inside: 46H x 20W x 18D

Weight: 2,640 LBS

Shelves: 4 

UV - 592018

Outside: 66H x 27W x 30D

Inside: 59H x 20W x 18D

Weight: 3,135 LBS

Shelves: 5 

UV - 592023

Outside: 66H x 27W x 35D

Inside: 59H x 20W x 23D

Weight: 3,463 LBS

Shelves: 5


UV - 633218

Outside: 70H x 39W x 30D

Inside: 63H x 32W x 18D

Weight: 3,982 LBS

Shelves: 6


UV - 683626

Outside: 75H x 43W x 38D

Inside: 68H x 36W x 26D

Weight: 4,820 LBS

Shelves: 6 




  • Left Swing – Optional (Special order, no upcharge)

  • Preparation (only) for movement time-lock (No charge, by request)

  • Custom interior secured compartments (By request)

  • Additional shelves (By request)

Weight Tolerance - 5%          Dimensions Tolerance + or - 0.5"          Add 2" to outside depth for 3-Spoked handle, 3.55" for pull handle

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