Super Treasury U.L. TRTL-30x6

Special Features:

 - ISM Super Treasury is designed to combat a wide spectrum of modern day criminal attacks

 - Special barrier materials protect against a variety of burglary attack types

 - Sophisticated independent relockers

 - Four way engagement bolt work

 - A wide variety of mechanical and electronic locks are available

 - Pre-equipped for connection to an alarm system

 - Adjustable shelves and other options are available to meet your needs

 - Color options to choose from 



The body cast is one piece for extra strength and protection. 



ISM Super Treasury comes equipped standard with a U.L. listed group 1 combination lock and security key which includes double bits. There is a wide variety of mechanical and electronic combination locks which are available as an option. Safe is prepared for an alarm connection. Optional three movement time lock.


Bolt Work and Locking Mechanisms:

The bolt work and locking mechanisms are strong against sophisticated methods of burglary. The bolts slide out in several directions, completely locking the safe. 


Relocking Devices:

The locks and the vital mechanism areas are protected from attack by a special glass plate. If tampered, the safe will release independent relockers. The locks are also protected by the advanced protection system. 


Interior Fitting:

Adjustable / removable shelves are available for setting up the safe interior to accept trays for jewelry, cash, and other valuables. 

Customers say: 

"This is definitely the 

best safe in the world!"